What Are My Web Development Work Goals For 2021?

If you haven’t already guessed from the picture, I’ll be learning Java this year!

2020 was a big one for me. I did the WeThinkCode_ 3 week bootcamp in February to see if I could make it into the program. In the process I learned some basic C Programming, cried a lot and made some new friends. I ended up making it into the 2 year software development scholarship program and started in August. Since then I’ve been writing a lot of text-based games in Python (Check out my GitHub!). I built a website for my local Neighborhood Watch organization and a few others for local small businesses. I also continued work for my regular clients who needed website updates. I even did some contract work for another local web agency.

What are my career goals for the new year?

Finish first year. Continuing with my college work is at the top of my list. Semester 2 is kicking off at the end of January and will be focusing on Java, which I’m really looking forward to learning. I’ve been watching some tutorials to try and get ahead and the general consensus is that Python is like an automatic car – and Java is like a manual. People who code in Java, is this true?

After Semester 2, we’ll be doing 3 month internships at a WeThinkCode_ sponsor company. We’re all anxiously awaiting our interviews and I’m hoping to get placed with a more web-dev-focused partner. Gotta leverage my skills!

As for web development, I’d really like to build more medium-sized websites for local businesses. I want to build some eCommerce sites. I’ve been itching to design for a lawyer, doctor, or psychologist. There are some new WordPress plugins I’m excited to try.

I feel motivated. I’m excited for what 2021 brings and excited to put 2020 behind me. I have some cool Divi-focused tutorial blogs planned. Stick around for that.

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